IoT/M2M Expo Spring (IoT/M2M Spring) features a variety of solutions including wireless communication technologies, sensors, applications such as remote monitoring and production management, and AI based data analysis.
Professionals in charge of planning & development, systems and production departments from industries including manufacturing, social infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and distribution service visit to conduct face-to-face business meetings with exhibitors.


B to B show aiming for discussions and orders

Japan IT Week Spring Part 1 is not just an event for public relations but an exhibition for business discussions and generate sales. 

For this reason, Show Management makes sure that each exhibitor has at least one set of table and chairs for business discussions inside of the booth.

As a result, exhibitors have been able to negotiate with visitors extensively and achieve great results.


Remote Monitoring, Location Information Management, Production Management, AI, Platform, Communication Modules, etc.

Business Matching

●New products & techonology introduction

●Technical consultation of IT projects

●Cost & schedule estimation 


Manufacturers, Distribution/Services, Telecommunications/SI, Social Infrastructure (Electricity, Gas, Water, Transportation, Road, Architecture, Civil Engineering, National and Local Governments), etc.

Exhibit profile

IoT/M2M System Construction

For Factories | Facilities Management | Retail/Distribution | Logistics | Store Management | Medical | Disaster Prevention | Agriculture, etc.

IoT/M2M Platform

Sensor, Sensor Networks Construction

Wireless Communication Technology

LPWA | Local Area Wireless | Communication Modules/Devices

RFID/Barcode/Automatic Recognition Technology

Reader | Printer | Tag | Barcode Reader

Security/Measuring Instruments/Simulators

Unauthorised Access Detection | Network Secuiry | Electronic Certification | Network Analysis/Measuring Tools | Network Observation Tools | Various Testers/Simulators

Concurrent Shows

Companies handling hardware, software, components, and development environments required for embedded systems development exhibit at this show. 

The show showcases the latest IoT solutions ranging from device development, elemental technology, edge computing, remote monitoring, production management and predictive maintenance.