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Tomohiro Hara
Vice President, Japan Solution Engineering
Oracle Corporation Japan



Feng Jin
IoT Platform Department, Senior Product Manager
Alibaba Cloud


Impact of "Developer first" on business High performing teams collaborate to ship world class software.

Kathy Simpson
Senior Director of Product Management
GitHub, Inc.

Learn what Nasa's Mission Control Center can teach us about collaboration and teamwork and how that helps your business grow.
Not every enterprise has the ability to create rigorous guidelines for communication, but GitHub can give you the guidelines and the tools to make every launch and release feel as easy as getting a rocket to the moon, yet makes your business even more competitive. At the end of the day, GitHub is your control center.

Next Generation Software Development

Tetsuya Nikami
Global Business Service
GBS Japan CTO, Distinguished Engineer
IBM Japan,Ltd.

Software development is entering the era of cloud and AI, and creating continuous innovation is determined. The future of software development also faces new challenges such as the hybrid environment of the cloud and the existing system, the development/learning and operation efficiency using the multicloud and multi-agent AI. With showing examples of advanced initiatives, the session discusses the future software development how it should revolve.

Using Advanced Analytics to Reveal the In-Store Shopper Journey

Lauren Bitar
Head of Retail Consulting
RetailNext, Inc.

Though using data to understand the shopper journey has been used in e-commerce for many years, using data to understand the in-store shopper journey is still new for many retailers. This presentation will focus on examples of how to use traffic, labour data and interior analytics to both increase store performance and reduce costs.

How to take advantage of AI, Robot, and IoT - Future of the store management

Naomi Tomita
President & CEO
Director/Chief Technology Officer
Huis Ten Bosch  Co., Ltd.
hapi-robo st, Inc.

HUIS TEN BOSCH is conducting various challenges pursuing its philosophy of "to provide joy and excitement to the people of the world and to create a new tourism city". Mr.Tomita, the key person of "Henn-na Hotel", introduces initiatives for realization of the world's highest productivity through business automation and robotization, as well as practicing the "trinity" of happiness, environment and business.

Realization of customer satisfaction and productivity with IT

Eiji Hisamoto
Unit Leader
Information system group
Hoshino Resorts Inc.

Hoshino Resorts aims to maintain high customer satisfaction while improving the productivity of the service staff by multitasking, with a corporate vision of "innovator of hotel management." This session explains how to utilize IT in order to maximize the service quality, including past failure cases.

Next-generation digital transformation for enterprise - Customer experience platform is the key to success -

Jim McCready
President, Japan and Asia Pacific
Adobe Systems Co., Ltd.

With the spread of digital technology, consumer environment is becoming more diverse. In this era, companies are required to carry out personalized communication in real time at every point and provide the best customer experience. This session explains the technology platform comprehensively managing customer experience in detail using the company's abundant case examples.

Business change brought by customer perspective in today's digital transformation era - From the planning of service marketing strategy to the settlement.

Katsumasa Yagi
Executive Officer / Managing Director
Digital Transformation Division
Dentsu Digital Inc.

As the environment surrounding consumers changing, marketing activities pursued to the enterprises are drastically changing as well. What is important to realize the digital transformation? This session explains sustainable business model for new services and initiatives from the customer's point of view such as the whole experience design as well as the transformation of business process and ecosystem for achieving the ideal experience.

Challenges of Communication Apps - Platform Conception and Full Funnel Marketing

Yuki Ikehata
LINE Corporation Executive Officer — Ads business
LINE Corporation

Communication between people has shifted from phone and emails to mobile apps. The de facto standard of the latest communication method, LINE has changed its form drastically over the past seven years from a simple communication application to something better. This session explains the full funnel marketing initiative realized by LINE, the communication infrastructure, as well as the data platform conception.


Teamwork, Technology, and Preparing for the Future of Work

Cal Henderson
Slack Technologies, Inc.

Companies in Japan face challenges promoting "work style reforms" and encouraging team innovation. What are the key factors in being successful in fast-moving markets? In this session, you’ll explore how new ways of working through Slack can accelerate performance, bring bigger gains, and keep your organization competitive as you boldly chart the future of work.

DeNA's work style reform with IT

Daewoo Choi
General Manager Human Resources Planning dept. and
Business Unit Head Human Resources Unit Executive Officer
DeNA Co., Ltd.

DeNA covers a wide range of businesses, under its vision, as an eternal venture, to “bring delight to the world using the internet and AI.” Our knowledge in IT is utilized both to improve the working style of our employees and enhance our performance. Using the examples of our introduction of RPA, use of Slack, and other internal tools, this session will cover how to create a work environment that enables people to work happier.

31 sessions in total will be held by industry top leaders!  

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